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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to physical therapy questions, we've heard them all. Here are a few we get asked on a regular basis, along with answers, and links to some helpful resources. If you feel like you have a question that isn't addressed here, feel free to drop us a line and we'd be glad to help.

Have A Question?

Will my insurance cover my visits?

We accept most health insurance companies.  It is your responsibility to know your specific benefit plan but as a courtesy, we can check your benefit for you.

What should I wear for my initial visit?

You will want to wear comfortable clothing; something easy to move around in.  If we are evaluating your lower extremity, shorts are preferred.  For upper extremities, tank tops work best.

Do you treat sports injuries?

Yes. In fact, not only are we a premier provider of sports injury treatment - but we're also competitive athletes too. So we know what grueling conditions athletes subject their bodies to, and how important it is to stay at peak performance. For more information, please visit our Sports Injury Rehab page.

Do you provide work injury rehab services?

Yes. In fact, we even have a page on our site devoted to the subject of work injury rehab, including helpful links and resources. For more information, please visit our Work Injury Rehab page.

How long are the visits?

We reserve a 40 minute block of time for you.  Some visits may take a little longer depending on your particular condition.  Some visits are shorter as well.  Plan for 40-60 minutes.

Will it hurt?

You are already in pain.  We do our best not to add any more.  However, when learning new exercise, waking up lazy muscles, or gaining new ROM, there's a chance for aching and an increase of soreness.  Otherwise, you should feel better with your treatments!